Deep Regrets

Deep Regrets - An unfortunate fishing game

Deep Regrets is a 2-5 player fishing game where you spend a week at sea, collecting ever stranger fish to either sell or keep for scoring at the end of the game. You'll purchase gear to aid your struggles, stack up regrets that can affect your end of game scoring, and manage the balance of your madness - which gives greater rewards but can have devastating effects if you push it too far.

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Inspired by stories like The Shadow Over Innsmouth, John Langan’s The Fisherman and the Hellboy series and video games like Dredge and Bloodborne, Deep Regrets is set in a fictional turn-of-the-century Europe where Edmund Halley’s Hollow Earth theory might just have been correct. It’s a world of lonely anglers with heavy regrets weighing on their consciences and gruesome monstrosities weighing on their fishing lines.

There’s also a heavy dose of folklore threaded throughout the game, with creative and hideous takes on classic Scottish and European myths and legends.

In Deep Regrets, you'll spend a week moving between sea and port, trying to pull in the most desirable creel of fish and fish-adjacent creatures. You'll need to manage your energy, resources and regrets and push your luck to pull in the best haul possible.


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