Fright House

Build and run your own haunted attraction

Fright house is a game about creating your own haunted house, attracting guests, and trying to scare them just enough to avoid killing them. Direct your scarers, improve the value of your house, make more money per guest, and cater to a full range of phobias in this tile-laying, engine-building hybrid.


An epic board

Painstakingly hand-drawn in ink, the main board features dozens of easter eggs for horror movie fans and hearkens back to an older era of board games where big, detailed boards dominated. There's plenty to explore here.

Creepy Companies

Choose from one of eight different haunt companies, each with unique abilities and artwork. Use the unique player mats to store house tiles, bodies, scarers and keep track of your house value.

Trick or treat?

Effect cards throw a little spice into the game, with unexpected and often catastrophic effect for all players. 

Creepy components

Vertical frames hold guests and track their fear using a dial, paper money feels trashy and campy, custom minis sneak around, scaring the clientele. Everything shown here is prototype only, but indicative of final intention.

Easily frightened fare

With almost 100 unique guests, each with unique art, there's no shortage of folks to subject to the horrors of your haunted house.

Your very own house of horror

Build the house to your own terrifying specifications with 40 unique house tiles, each with unique artwork.


When can I start terrifying people?

Fright House is still in early development and undergoing a lot of changes. There's not yet a clear timeline on when you can expect the Kickstarter to launch. Stay tuned!


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